Information about Table Tennis game

Table tennis is one of the most famous games of the youth of today’s world. Many of the colleges, universities and other institutes contain table tennis in their buildings which is a source of enjoyment for the students. It is a game which involves a hollow ball and two rackets. Table tennis is also called ping pong, and two or four players can play this game at one time. The table tennis is partly divided by a net and it is a hard type of a table. Each player is allowed to bounce the ball once from its side, and points are made when the player fails to return the ball with in the rules.

The table tennis game is quite fast and it requires quick reactions and response from both of the playing teams. The player has to spend lot of time in becoming the champion of this game as this play is fast, the player needs to learn the tactics tow ho o increase the score. Table tennis is now considered a national and international level game. It is part of the Olympics and it is controlled by worldwide organization called international table tennis federation. The official rule of table tennis game is illustrated by this governing body. In 1988, table tennis becomes the part of Olympics and now you can find single men, single women, double men and double women games. In recent year, the team events have replaced the double player games.

Now telling you how the game starts, it starts like the other ordinary games by tossing coin. R one player can hide the ball in one of other hand and then ask the other to select the hand which contains the ball, and if the second player selects the correct hand, he will be given the first turn to play. If the guess is not correct, the player with the ball takes its turn firstly. The player who wins the toss is given the option to select the side of the table, to receive and serve the ball. The player who decides to serve the ball firstly bounces the ball directly upwards up to 6 inches high by the open palm of the hand. Then the server holds the racket in one hand and strike the ball with the racket. The ball is bounced in such a way that it touches the server’s rackets and then the receiver’s racket without touching the net of the table tennis.

In some of the informal games the poker players do not toss the ball upwards by hand but it is considered illegal and it can give an advantage to the service player. The ball needs to remain on the upper surface of the table; the player is not allowed to disturb the game by its clothing or body. The player is required not you leave a sight from the ball during the game and the umpire should also be alert while the game is on. If any foul is made in between the game, the umpire is required to take some adequate actions.